Time to go to School

I know I am a bear, but I woke up this morning and knew that it was my 5th birthday and as my Mama had told me that when I reached 5 years of age it’s when I had to start wearing my school uniform and go to school like the children. 

I am so excited to start going to school and meet lots of children and learn new things like, reading, writing and how to use a computer but the most exciting thing is all of the fun I will have playing games. Mama doesn’t know how  much I want to join in at playtimes. It’s the best part of going to school! I never told her I could read and write as bear’s know these things as soon as they are born so I know I will be a “SMART BEAR” he he he. 

A bear doesn’t have many teeth – I only have two, but children need lots of teeth so we all have to remember to brush our teeth before going to school and before we go to bed.